FAN ID is a personalized spectator card, which is a part of the football fans identification system, created for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 (hereinafter 2017 FCC).

This card should be given to each spectator who bought a ticket for the football matches. A spectator should fill in a form on the website or complete the registration process at the FAN ID Distribution centers. In this center a spectator can get the FAN ID, which together with the entrance ticket will provide to all football spectators a comfortable
and fast passage to the stadiums.

FAN ID is a personalized laminated card containing the holder’s name, issued once and free for each football fan. For foreign citizens and stateless persons, the FAN ID gives the right to visit Russia without a visa in the period starting before ten days of the first 2017 FCC match date and ending in ten days after the last FCC match date. Also the holders of FAN ID possessing the match tickets will be able to use free railway travel to the matches between the host cities.

In order to provide the foreign citizens entry to the territory of the Russian Federation without visas in the period starting from 72 hours before the first FCC 2017 match and ending on the last day of 2017 FCC match, the spectators can use FAN ID in electronic form which will be sent to the foreign spectators on e-mail in PDF format for the following independent printing in A4 format. A FAN ID in electronic form is used only for the foreign spectators entry providing in a mentioned period.

FAN ID in electronic form doesn’t entitle the access to the stadium, a free railway travel in the additional trains and the exit from the territory of the Russian Federation. In this case a foreign spectator shall issue a FAN ID in paper form in one of the nearest FAN ID Distribution centers.

That’s why in order to provide spectators comfortable visiting the Russian Federation in the period of 2017 FCC it is recommended to get a FAN ID in the form of laminated card in advance.

The FAN ID Distribution centers were opened on December 2016 in all FIFA 2017 FCC host cities – Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan. The FAN ID issue for the 2017 FCC was launched on February 1, 2017.