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For a hundred years, the State University of Management has been a leader in management education in Russia.

The State University of Management is a well-established multi-level research and educational complex. It is rightfully considered the „father“ of Russian management education It is given a well-deserved priority when searching for and nurturing talented managers to meet the needs of the country’s economy.

The formation and development of scientific schools and the intensification of scientific research in priority areas of Russia’s strategic development is one of the key directions of the university’s development.

Over 12 thousand students study at SUM. The university offers 14 Bachelor’s programs, 11 Master’s programs and 8 postgraduate programs.

SUM comprises 7 educational institutions with a total of over 40 academic departments and research divisions. Around 4 thousand specialists and senior managers receive additional professional education at SUM every year. Since its establishment, the university has successfully prepared over 100 thousand qualified managers for different economic sectors.

Students highlight a project-based approach to teaching, active student life, the use of the latest educational technologies, the possibility of self-education in the field of business, international activities as the main advantages of studying at SUM.

For the last three years the university has been implementing a new approach to tuition of future managers – project work adapted to the specifics of each educational program. The practical orientation of project training allows students to develop a new product, open their own business and receive an independent assessment of their business idea from the expert community.

SUM graduates successfully work in various branches of science and economy of Russia, occupy leading positions in government and commercial structures and take an active part in the political, social and cultural life of the country.

The State University of Management is one of Russia’s key strategic institutions of higher education.

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