Руски дом


Prof. Vladimir LITVINENKO

Date of foundation:  November 1st, 1773

History: The first technical higher education institution of Russia. In 1996 the Mining University was included in the state register of the most valued examples of the cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

Status: The highest state status of the Russian education system (license from the Federal Agency for Supervision in Education and Science № 0295 dated 17.08.2012)

Location: center of St.Petersburg

Number of students: 8000

Foreign students: 654

Degree programs available: bachelor, master, engineer (specialist), candidate of sciences, doctor of sciences

Number of lecturers: 696

Number of lecturers with academic degrees:  642

Faculties: 8

Geological-and- Prospecting Faculty, Mining Faculty,

Chemical-and-Metallurgical Faculty, Faculty of  Economics, Construction Engineering Faculty, Oil and Gas Faculty, Power Engineering Faculty


the mining University offers programs  


(Duration of studies 5 years):

08.05.01 «Construction of unique buildings and structures»

Area of expertise: «Construction of unique buildings and structures»

11.05.01 «Radio electronic systems and facilities

Area of expertise: «Radar systems and facilities»

21.05.01 «Applied geodesy»

Area of expertise: «Engineering geodesy»

21.05.02 «Applied geology»

Areas of expertise: «Surveying and exploration of solid mineral deposits»

«Oil and gas geology»

«Ground water exploration and geological engineering survey»

«Engineering geochemistry, petrology and mineralogy»

21.05.03 «Technology of geological exploration»

Areas of expertise: «Geophysical methods of exploration of mineral deposits»

«Exploration techniques»

21.05.04 «Mining» (duration of studies 5 years 6 months)

Areas of expertise: «Mine construction and underground excavations»

«Mine surveying»

«Mining industry ecology»

«Opencast mining»

«Underground mining of stratified deposits»

«Underground ore mining»

«Process safety and mine rescue work»

«Mining machinery»

«Mining transportation systems»

«Electrification and automation of mining practice»

«Mineral processing»

21.05.06 «Oil and gas equipment and technology»

«Development of oil and gas fields»

«Trunk pipelines and gas and oil storage facilities»

23.05.01 «Surface transport and technology»

«Automotive engineering in transport technologies»




05.03.06 «Ecology and environmental management»

Profile: «Environmental management»

07.03.01 «Architecture»

Profile: «Architecture»

08.03.01 «Building and construction»

Profile: «Industrial and civil engineering»

09.03.01 «Information technology and computer engineering»

Profile: « »

09.03.02 «Information systems and technologies»

Profile:  «Information systems and technologies»

11.03.04 «Electronic engineering and nanoelectronics»

Profile:  «Industrial electronics»

12.03.01 «Instrument engineering»

Profile:  «Quality control and diagnostics instrumentation and techniques»

13.03.01 «Heat power engineering and heat technology»

Profile: «Power supply of enterprises»

13.03.02 «Electrical power engineering and electrical technology»

Profiles: «Electric drive and automation»

«Electric power supply»

15.03.01 «Mechanical engineering»

Profile: «Technologies, equipment and automation of machine-building plants»

15.03.02 «Production machines and production machinery»

Profile:  «Oil and gas processing equipment»

15.03.04 «Automation of technological-processes and production facilities (trade-wise)»

Profile: «Automation of technological-processes and production facilities»

18.03.01  «Industrial chemistry»

Profiles: «Industrial chemistry of natural energy sources and carbon materials»

20.03.01 «Technosphere safety»

Profile: «Safety of technological processes and production facilities»

21.03.01 «Oil and gas engineering»

Profiles: «Oil and gas well drilling»

«Operation of gas distribution and consumption networks»

«Operation and maintenance of oil and gas production facilities»

«Operation and maintenance of natural gas production and gas condensate installations and underground storage facilities»

«Operation and maintenance of handling and storage facilities of oil, gas and plant products»

«Reservoir engineering and field development of offshore hydrocarbon deposits»

«Construction and repair operations of pipeline transportation facilities»

21.03.02 «Land management and cadastres»

Profile: «Urban cadastre»

22.03.01 «Materials science and materials engineering»

Profile: «Materials science and new materials engineering»

22.03.02 «Metallurgy»

Profile:  «Nonferrous metallurgy»

23.03.01 «Technology of transport processes»

Profile: «Logistics and automobile transport management»

23.03.03 «Operation of handling and production machines and systems»

Profile: «Automobiles and vehicle fleet»

27.03.01 «Standardization and metrology»

Profile: «Metrology and metrological assurance»

27.03.03 «System analysis and control»

Profile:  «Theory and mathematical method of system analysis and control in technical economic and social systems»

27.03.04 «Control in engineering systems»

Profile: «Information technologies in management»

29.03.04 «Technology of ornamental material processing»

Profile: «Technology of ornamental material processing»

38.03.01 «Economics»

Profiles: «Accounting, analysis and audit»

«Business economics»

38.03.02 «Management»

Profiles: «Production management»

«Project management»



09.04.01 «Information technology and computer engineering»

Program: «Method of analysis and synthesis of design decisions»

12.04.01 «Instrument engineering»

Program: «Instruments and systems of mining and technical supervision and control»

13.04.02 «Electrical power engineering and electrical technology»

Programs:  «Electric drives and operating systems»

«Automated electromechanical complexes and systems»

15.04.01 «Mechanical engineering»

15.04.02 «Production machines and equipment»

Programs: «Production machines and equipment for removal of peat»

«Metallurgic machinery and equipment»

«Metallurgic machinery and equipment»

«Oil and gas processing equipment»

15.04.04 «Automation of technological processes and production facilities»

Program: «Automated control systems in metallurgy»

«Automated control systems in oil and gas processing»

«Automated control systems in mechanic engineering»

18.04.01 «Industrial chemistry»

Program: «Industrial chemistry of natural energy sources and carbon materials»

21.04.01 «Oil and gas»

Programs:  «Oil fields development modelling»

«Oil field development»

«Well operation in abnormal conditions»

«Technology of oil reservoir penetration»

«Drill fluids technology»

«Technology of petroleum reservoir penetration in abnormal conditions»

«Drilling in abnormal conditions»

«Engineering diagnostics in gas transportation systems»

«Hydrocarbon pipeline transportation»

«Resource-recovery technologies transport and hydrocarbon storage»

22.04.02 «Metallurgy»

Programs: «Nonferrous metallurgy»

«Heat engineering of metallurgical processes»

27.04.03 «System analysis and control»

Programs: «Theory and mathematical method of system analysis and control in technical economic and social systems»

«System analysis of organization and management activities in large scale systems»

38.04.01 «Economics»

Programs:  «Business accounting, analysis and audit in mining industry and geologic exploration»

«Economics and management at enterprises of the raw materials complex»

38.04.02 «Management»

Program:  «Strategic management»





05.06.01 – Geo-sciences (25.00.05 – Mineralogy, crystallography; 25.00.07 – Hydrogeology; 25.00.08 – Engineering geology, permafrost studies and ground science; 25.00.09 – Geochemistry, geochemical methods of mineral exploration; 25.00.10 – Geophysics, geophysical methods of mineral exploration; 25.00.11 – Geology, surveying and exploration of solid mineral deposits, mineragenia (study of ore minerals); 25.00.26 – Land management, cadastre and land monitoring; 25.00.36 – Geoecology (in ore mining and processing industry)

09.06.01 – Informatics and Computer Engineering (05.13.06 – Automation control of technological processes and production facilities (in metallurgy))

12.06.01 – Photonics, Instrument Engineering, Optical and Bioengineering systems (05.11.13 – Instruments and methods of control of natural environment, substance, materials and products)

13.06.01 – Electric and Heat Engineering (05.09.03 – Electrotechnical installations and systems)

15.06.01 – Mechanic Engineering (05.05.06 – Mining machines)

21.06.01 – Geology, Mineral Prospecting and Development (25.00.13 – Mineral processing; 25.00.14 – Technology and technique of geological exploration; 25.00.15 – Technology of drilling and well development; 25.00.16 – Applied mining geology, oil and gas geology, geophysics, mine surveying and subsurface mineral resources geometry; 25.00.17 – Development and exploitation of Oil and gas fields; 25.00.19 – Construction and exploitation of mines and underground structures; 25.00.20 – Geomechanics, destruction of rocks, mining aerogasdynamics and mining  thermophysics; 25.00.21 – Theory of designing mine engineering systems; 25.00.22 – Geotechnology (underground, open and construction))

21.06.02 – Geodesy (25.00.32 – Geodesy)

22.06.01 – Materials Engineering (05.16.02 – Ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals metallurgy)


Academic year: is divided into two terms, the autumn term lasts from September 1st to January; the spring terms lasts from February 9th to June.

Language of training:  Russian

Preparatory course for foreign students:

The course is designed for two terms; the academic year lasts from September 1st to June 30th.

Participants in preparatory course receive training in the technical profile and study the following subjects: the Russian Language, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Graphics and regional geography.


Participants in preparatory course, who want to enter master’s course or postgraduate studies study only the Russian language.

Classes are organized in groups consisting of 8-10 persons.

At the end of academic year all participants in preparatory course take final examinations.

List of documents required for entrance the Mining University and preparation of an invitation:

– a copy of passport,

– a filled application form,

– a personal questionnaire,

– the original document confirming education and its notarized copy (certificate of secondary education, bachelor’s degree diploma, engineer’s degree diploma, master’s degree diploma),

– a medical certificate including AIDS test,

– a birth certificate,

– 6 photos.

The documents are to be submitted to the Mining University until July 10th 2014. All documents are to be translated into Russian and authenticated either in the embassy (consulate) of Russia in the country issued a document confirming education or by the Russian notary officer.


Our program fees:

Preparatory course – 120 000 rubles,

Bachelor’s degree program – 260 000 rubles,

Specialist’s (engineer’s) degree program – 260 000 rubles,

Master’s degree program – 260 000 rubles,

Postgraduate program

(Candidate of science degree, Ph.D) – 440 000 rubles,

Postgraduate program (Doctor of science degree) from 500 000 rubles,


Other expenses:

Dormitory accommodation is from 2500 to 6000 per month depending on facilities (all foreign students are provided with dormitory housing),

medical insurance – 10600 rubles annually.







Address of the Mining University:

2, Line 21, Vasilievsky Ostrov,


199106, Russia

Telephone: 7-812-328-82-55